Friday, 25 February 2011


Baby Amira, only 3 weeks old. In between grabbing some snaps of Ethan I photographed Amira as she slept...woke up....slept....woke up.....

She's a little cracker. Congratulations Shemayne and Scott

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Some of my Favourite Wedding Images from 2010

Had a busy year last year, dont know where the time went in 2010! More Weddings booked for 2011, first one in April.

Chris Fishleigh Photography


Photographed Ethan earlier this week. It was a side shoot whilst photographing baby Amira (Post to follow). 

Ethan was keen to show off his toys and bears from his toybox, I think you will agree, a proper little poser!

Chris Fishleigh Photography


A few weeks ago I managed to grab some spontaneous shots of my Nephew Oliver. Looking to get some more of him very soon.


New Blog

Welcome to my New Blog for Chris Fishleigh Photography. Ok so it may look basic at the moment, trying a few new ideas out at the moment, New Logo, re branding etc. Thanks to my brother Andrew who has been working hard to edit the new logo, cant wait to see the final image.

Here you will find various bits and pieces that I have been photographing. Always trying to develop the style but I think im slowly getting there!

The subjects range from Weddings to Portraits and what ever in between. Please feel free to comment on the posts and follow this blog.

Chris Fishleigh Photography