Friday, 25 November 2016

Alex Dowsett, Little Bleeders charity launch, Tobacco Docks, London E1.

" F r o m  H a y t o r  t o  t h e  D o c k s  o f  E a s t  L o n d o n "

Last week I was very kindly invited along to the launch of Little Bleeders, which is a charity that supports young people with blood disorders. It was set up by Professional British cyclist and haemophiliac Alex Dowsett.

Back in September, being a keen cyclist myself, we went off to watch the Tour of Britain which was right on our doorstep this year and took in the iconic climb of Haytor on Dartmoor! 

 W h e r e  I  t o o k  t h i s  p i c t u r e . . .

Alex kindly cycled up to our son Arlo, despite being on a monster of a climb and handed him his drinks bottle. A random act of kindness by a true professional! Arlo didn't stop talking about it and was forever repeating what Alex said to him..."Here you go mate"

The photo was shared with Alex and also his Team Movistar and I think we were all stunned at the reaction it gained. A few days later I was contacted by Wil, who runs the charity and he invited myself, my wife and Arlo along to the launch of Little Bleeders at Tobacco Docks, London. 

It was a very proud day for us and a great experience for Arlo. Alex took the time to talk to everyone despite being very busy with the media and announcing his hour record attempt

H e r e ' s  t h e  l a u n c h  t h r o u g h  a  l e n s . . . 

A  v e r y  p r o u d  d a y . . .

T h a n k  y o u  A l e x