Thursday, 6 December 2012

A Concept Shoot...For The Appleheads

"The House"
I was given the task of coming up with a concept shoot for the "Appleheads" photography group which I am a part of. A mad group of wacky photographers from all over the place basically! The Guvnor of the group Gary (Marshal Gray Photography) set about dishing out the instructions about 6 months ago and it was down to us as individuals to plan, organise and shoot our chosen ideas. A big thank you to the model I used for the shoot, you know who you are.

So here is my explanation...

My full time job took me to an old run down house for a day and whilst my job whilst I was there was to watch the house, I couldn't help feel we were also being watched! So wallop!! There was my idea for the concept shoot, "The House". Having driven past the house god knows how many times I never even knew it was there, making it more freaky!

The process was simple, ask permission to use the house and grounds...check! Find a willing model...check! My styling was a bit of a pain, I couldn't decide if I wanted shabby clothes or more up to date ...after consulting one of my fellow Apples, I opted for the later.

As the house and grounds are completely without power I was reliant on natural light and or flash light. One Canon speedlight mounted on a stand or held by my willing assistant, the gorgeous Debbie McGee!

We all walked around the house trying to avoid the leaking roof and found some pretty scary rooms, old toilets, bathrooms, kitchens. I didn't want too much movement in the images and wanted them looking very similar in stance. After a few test shoots we were off and running.

So with a memory card full of RAW shots, it was back to the MAC and with the help of VSCO and RADLAB the process was complete. 

It tells the story, albeit brief of a recluse...

A concept shoot in B&W...

"The House"