Sunday, 24 June 2012

Mandy & Gra...Surprise!!!!!!

Congratulations to Mandy & Gra (My Auntie & Uncle), who have celebrated their 30th Wedding Anniversary! This was their knees up at The Cat & Fiddle...

Right, so a few months ago we were sworn to secrecy by Steph who was determined to organise their surprise party with the help of Ben, Hannah, Amy and Harry. Mandy& Gra were apparently there on the pre tense that they were going to Woodbury Park for a meal with friends and so had no idea we were all waiting for them...

"Quick, they're here, they're here"...Que the curtains being pulled, lights dimmed, party poppers at the ready...ssssshhhhhhh!!!!!!!


Congratulations and we will see you at the next one! Maybe even the Diamond!!