Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Fashion Show @ "All things Vintage and Lovely Fair"

Few pics from the Fashion show at the Vintage Fair...

Vintage Photbooth @ The "All things Vintage and Lovely" Fair at the Imperial Hotel, Torquay.

I was at the "All things Vintage and Lovely Fair" at the Imperial hotel, Torquay on Sunday with my Photobooth. There was the initial " Oh I dont like having my picture taken" but as soon as they knew props were involved I had a long que waiting to get snapped!

The feather boa seemed the hot prop along with the funky glasses! Fake tashes, bowler hats, clapper boards were also kicking around!

The day was a huge success with Wendy and Jo doing a sterling job raising lots of money for charity.

An awesome day!

(To those of you that had a go and would like the image, please let me know)