Sunday, 28 August 2011


How about your very own Photbooth at your Wedding Reception. Give your guests a treat at the reception

Fake tashes, Big Glasses, Clapper boards....the list is endless! Or provide your own??????

Please enq through my website/emai for details

Chris Fishleigh Photography

Monday, 22 August 2011

Studio Work, South West Studios.

Change of background, lighting and theme...

South West Studios (2)

Few more lighting setups from the shoot

Studio Day @ South West Studios.

Had a visit to South West Studios this week for a Studio Lighting workshop.

The shoot took on more of a theme as we went along. Big thank you to Ian Dowler of South West Studios and to Ashton who kindly modelled for the day.

Below are the samples from a basic 1 & 2 light setup.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Becky & Dave's Wedding.

So it was Mid July, the weather was stunning as usual and today (23rd July) I was off to Lakeside, Roadford Lake in Lifton to photograph Becky & Dave's wedding.

A slight delay on the A30 had meant the majority of the wedding party were late and this included Dave and his party! The organiser of Lakeside was showing his nerves about this alot more than Becky who was a picture of calmness whilst getting ready.

Scott, Becky and Dave's son, took it upon himself to make sure everything was sorting itself out and was a great help. He looked like he had a check list in his head and was marking it off as he went along. Thanks Scott!

I was then given the nod that Dave and the rest of the groom's party had Scott shouting...THEY'RE HERE!!!

Time was of the essence as they grabbed their packed suits and with limited rooms for them, they decided to all get ready in the ceremony room. I think the fact they were all rugby lads helped! A few dodgy poses and that was it...everyone was ready!

A great day and thank you to everyone for making me feel welcome and a massive congratulations to Becky and Dave Upham.

Chris Fishleigh Photography