Saturday, 24 September 2011

Claire & Piers :: Wedding :: Torquay

As I get nearer to the end of the year and out of the summer months I was convinced this one was going to be the one that threw it down with rain (That's was the forecast!) didn't and the weather was very kind.

I arrived early to see Claire with her hairdresser, her Mum & Dad sorting out the last minute bits and bobs. The Bridesmaids started to arrive and so the day began...

I left to try and catch Piers at the church. With his Best man and Ushers in tow he was the picture of calm. I had a pre warning from one of the best men that I should keep an eye out on when they both kneeled down for the blessing...nothing more was said!

Claire soon arrived in one of the most funky wedding cars I have seen for a while, it certainly had a few tricks up its sleeve!

So with the ceremony underway I kept an eagle eye out for the blessing...down they went and this revealed the letters "L" & "R" on the bottom of Piers's shoes! I think he was unaware of this and the church was now in on the joke. Thanks for the heads up lads!

The reception was superb and very well styled with their own little touches. A real favourite of mine was the table settings for each table...Piers being a fan of the old school actors had labeled each table with a photo and a quote (Superb touch!) Caine, Ustanov, O'Toole, Niven, Oliver, Reed, Coward, Cook to name a few.

The bond influence on the cake was awesome.

A cracking day with a cracking couple

Congratulations Claire & Piers