Thursday, 28 July 2011

Emma & Adam, Lakeview

Back in April I was at Lakeview to photograph Emma & Adam's wedding. It was a glorious day (Very Hot!) I Had already been to the venue for their Pre Wedding images, it was a stunning place with a huge lake finishing it off!

As I arrived I could see the bride party getting ready in the upstairs room which overlooked the lake. Lots of running around as you would imagine! As I went upstairs, I couldn't have been more surprised, the girls were so relaxed and Emma and her mum had everything under control.

Later I had the opportunity to look around the finished venue and rooms downstairs. It was stunning and the florists were taking a well earned sit down with a swift half, (I'm sure they wont mind me putting that!) Lots of sweets for on display for the kids and I'm sure the adults helped themselves!!

A quick walk back upstairs and the girls were almost there, looking out the top window waiting for everyone to arrive. Emma looked stunning and her mum looked very proud!

The guests began to arrive and the characters made themselves known to me in the only way they know how to. Very amusing! Adam then came down the drive and spoke to everyone in the courtyard. If he was nervous, he didn't show it. A quick chat with the registrar and he was ready to go. The ceremony was beautiful and the remainder of the day matched it.

A big thank you to Emma & Adam for allowing me to share their day...